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Sun in Cancer

Born with the Sun in Cancer, you are likely to be motivated by the urge to establish emotional connectedness with others, and then take action to nourish, support and protect them. Cancer is a Water sign, and so, concerned with emotions, intuition, imagination and the psyche. It is also a Cardinal sign, implying the need to act. Within the realm of emotion, Sun in Cancer are likely to be actively engaged. The emotional ties that bind to those closest are of primary concern. For this reason, Cancer is strongly associated with family and domestic life. Home is the natural domain for those with the Sun in Cancer, for it is here that they are in their strength. Home life is especially important, and Sun in Cancer often need to feel safe and secure within a loving home environment in order to feel at ease. Therefore, the home needs to be as calm and serene as possible, for the home environment acts almost like the shell of the crab, protecting what is soft and vulnerable on the inside from the harshness of the outer world. For this reason, Sun in Cancer will spend a lot of time getting the home ‘just right’. A calm home life is necessary for emotional equilibrium. From this foundation, they can then project themselves out into the world. When Sun in Cancer is happy at home, they can then become a source of great nourishment and delight. They make great hosts and entertainers, and enjoy nothing more than taking care of the ones they love through good food, rapport and empathetic conversation. Many excellent cooks are born under this sign. Anything connected to the hospitality industry them well. Providing nourishment is a concrete way of taking action around emotional needs. This allows those with the Sun in Cancer to feel a sense of purpose. Although Cancer is concerned with action, they often tend to move through vacillation and side-stepping. They may avoid direct moves until external circumstances feel favourable or ‘right’. In this way, they have much in common with their celestial namesake – The Crab. On the outside, they appear tough, hardened or impenetrable, capable of a formidable tenacity. But underneath, they are typically soft and sensitive as can be, protecting their vulnerabilities from the harshness of the outer world. Sun in Cancer often come at problems sideways in the attempt to avoid being hurt.

Sun in Cancer

Those with the Sun in Cancer have a changeable nature, which makes them something of an enigma, even with those closest to them. They’re ruled by the Moon and are similarly known to glow brightly one moment, and hide their faces the next. A highly emotional sign, they can sink into a mood and fully inhabit it, so that it seems to permeate the atmosphere around them. It's important to look at your Moon sign if you're a Cancer Sun. This reveals how you deal with a crisis, and also your instinctive coping mechanisms. The Sun in Cancer imagination is so vivid that it’s like they’re watching home movies inside their heads. For them, every life experience can be replayed again and again in Technicolour, and the same internal landscape revisited. This is the raw material for both creative genius and the tendency to get stuck in emotional eddies. And because they're psychic sponges, they need plenty of space to unravel the little dramas of the day, or they’ll get cranky.

Sun in Cancer has a tender heart, but you might not see it at first behind the cool exterior. Once you’re allowed inside the circle of trust, you’ll start to know why they’re called the “mother” of the Zodiac. Both men and women of this sign have an instinctive nurturing side that endears them to those they love. The Crab’s claws hold tight, though, and often they have trouble letting go of relationships and situations. The stealth approach of the Cancer Sun often takes people by surprise, and many have been underestimated. They’ll protect their sensitivity by going after what they want indirectly, which can be seen as passive. Cancer has a secret though, being a cardinal initiating sign -- they may move sideways, but they take action! Cancer has an emotional force and a great instinct for the right timing. The Cancer-Capricorn polarity is one of establishing a secure home base, while also going after worldly goals.  Also, try to take advantage of their gentle nature, and you’ll soon be put in your place. Cancer is the archetype of the Mama Bear, and is fierce, especially if you threaten her loved ones. Once crossed, the Cancer holds a grudge to infinity, so it’s hard to win back their trust. Above all, Sun in Cancer wants a sense of belonging and an intimate home life. Once committed, they’ll prove to be the ultimate family man or woman, and likely never stray too far from the nest. 

Sun in Cancer has lots of intuition

Sun in Cancer people are emotionally vulnerable, sometimes with aloof outer defences. They side wind into friendships and avoid full frontal engagement until there's absolute trust. There's something of the child in Cancer people, and they thrive around sympathetic friends. On the other hand, an emotional vampire can suck the life out of the Crab, and lead to Cancer-style depression. Cancer is a water sign and experiences life as waves of emotions and impressions. Some can be like a dream, and Cancer artists create a home in the imagination. Some waves become nightmares that take Cancer into the vast ocean of feeling, where they are lost at sea. Luckily, the ocean has its tides, and eventually, Cancer will wash up on the shore again. This tidal private life is a signature of Cancer, and those closest to them will have intimate knowledge of this ebb and flow. Cancer in Love is sentimental, easy to trick and quick to retreat into emotional safe spaces. Sun in Cancer often puts a potential friend through tests of loyalty, often without realizing what they're doing. That's a key to Cancer the Crab, they do much that doesn't make sense to others. He or she acts from inside the world of feelings and the imagination, and it's not always logical. 

Sun in Cancer usually feel deeply connected, for better or for worse, to their family of origin or those they consider close to heart. These strong connections mean Cancers often feel personally responsible for the well-being of others. This becomes both a blessing and a curse. On the upside, Sun in Cancer can be especially warm, loving and devoted. They enjoy taking care of others. On the downside, they may feel themselves overly responsible for others’ well-being, and project too much onto others, or based on what they feel loved ones “should” do. Sun in Cancer have a tendency to involve themselves in the emotional lives of others. In doing so they can lose sight of their own needs. As they become less in touch with their own individuality, they become increasingly moody and erratic. At times, they can be clannish and crabby. They tend to react at the slightest trigger, feeling themselves in the middle of situations that may, in reality, have very little to do with them. This can be both draining and dysfunctional, as it creates feelings of obligation and guilt that are difficult to resolve. Learning to separate from feelings of emotional responsibility is a key life lesson for many Sun in Cancer individuals. They must recognize that their need to be needed may not be the same need that others have, and must learn to hold back, staying focussed on their own lives. Assuming responsibility for what is not theirs to take on means that Sun in Cancer have a way of making unwelcome intrusions into others’ lives, creating turmoil where they really want peace. Learning to recognize when ‘good advice’ and emotional involvement is not wanted is important but will take time. In these ways, the home and family are both a source of strength and the shell those with the Sun in Cancer must outgrow. The need to experience a warm, safe and nurturing home life is paramount. It is imperative for Sun in Cancer to create the right kind of living circumstances to feel calm, serene and connected to other people. Yet leaving the safety of home is also necessary if they are to make their mark on the world. As a Cardinal sign, they are usually not satisfied unless they are creating an impact in the world. To do this they must first establish a stable base, and then get out of their comfort zone by leaving it. Sun in Cancer can, at times, avoid the challenges of the outside world by staying indoors. This keeps them emotionally stuck.

Sun in Cancer have an almost supernatural sense of intuition, they know what you’re thinking, and they know what you did. Don’t try and lie to them, hoodwink them, or manipulate them because you’re tangling with a dangerous creature. This instinctive ability to sniff out secrets can also make them a tad oversensitive (paranoid?) as they constantly try to work out who's lying. The moon controls their moods, quite literally, and this means they can switch rapidly. You can walk in the room and they’re laughing and joking (they always have a great sense of humour), nip out to get something, return and find them lying on the floor in tears. This is just everyday Cancer life. Get used to it, and ride the waves. Most Sun in Cancer are terrific hoarders, they are very sentimental and can’t bear to ever let anything go. This applies to people too. So, expect to discover a cupboard full of exes and old flames. They can’t (and won’t) turn their feelings off once they have been ignited. If you go way back with a Sun in Cancer, chances are you’re in it for life. They’ll always remember your birthday, ask how your mum is, and sense instantly how things truly are. Chances are Sun in Cancer friend still lives where they grew up, in the bosom of their family, surrounded by old pals. When the mood is on the up, Sun in Cancer can be wonderful company and magical partners. Funny, passionate, insightful, adventurous and indulgent, they know how to have a good time. They are not like this all the time, though, because when that moon phase changes… Another side may emerge. The side that demands pay back for their loyalty/entertainment services rendered. Deep down, Sun in Cancer are fragile. They like to elicit the sympathy of others, often presenting themselves as mistreated or wounded, and will go to great lengths to ensure they are getting the attention/support/encouragement they truly believe is due. 


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